Land Healing & Clearing Certification – Deposit


Land Clearing & Healing Retreat and Certification
Dates: May 24th – 31st 2020

Join us for this in-person Land Clearing, Healing and Dowsing Certification thru the International Feng Shui School lead by Celtic Priestess and Feng Shui Expert Amanda Collins and gifted Feng Shui Master, Architect and Shaman Alex Stark. This Shamanic and Priestess training will profoundly support you in your personal life and Feng Shui and healing work/joy. It will guide you on connecting to your own inner power Shaman, how to truly open up your intuition, healing abilities, healing and clearing the land and within yourself.
Throughout the workshop, we will review foundational knowledge in Energy Work, Dowsing, Earth Energies, and core Shamanism and the work of the Priestess

We will then proceed to visit Sacred Sites in the Irish landscape in order to charge our energy fields with greater power, knowledge, and understanding. From this foundation, we will proceed to visit clients in need of counselling on a variety of topics

This course is open to all practitioners with knowledge of energy work, shamanism, the work of the priestess, dowsing and who are interested in personal and collective healing.

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Early Bird: $3,295 USD (before 2/1/2020)
Cost: $3,595 USD (after 2/1/2020)
Deposit to hold spot: $500 USD

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