Golden Thread

Listen in iTunes and Subscribe! This podcast offers a peek into the world of accessing your intuition and allowing it to fluidly guide you in your life. Listen in to identify ways in which you might be disconnecting from yourself and ways in which you can deepen your self-connection in order to create more fluidity and grace on a daily basis. Though life has its ups and downs, learning how to follow the golden thread of your intuition will guide you every step of the way and subsequently, create greater flow and flexibility in whatever you are experiencing.

Golden Thread

Episode #3

6:35Allow yourself to come home
8:58Feel connection to higher self
11:17Stay connected to your heart
13:50See the golden thread connect to your third eye
14:45The golden thread is a representation of your intuition
15:30Understand the beautiful web of the universe
16:41The journey is what is important
18:18When ignoring your intuition, you feel tight in your body
20:32Holding onto pain and hurt from childhood
22:10Not forgiving yourself or others
22:53Self-harm or numbing
23:37Staying busy without giving space for quiet time
24:26Seeing things from a bird’s eye view
25:30Meditate 10 minutes every day
26:15Regularly check in with yourself
27:36Start listening and acting on really small messages
29:13If you are in fear
29:55Have a dream journal by your bed
30:14The Body Talks
32:15Following the golden thread and the magic of life
33:15Your intuition will start off very quietly
33:50What do I mean when I say come home?
34:37Q & A
37:00End of Podcast

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift. 

Love, Amanda

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