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Welcome from wherever you are in the world. Grab a cup of tea and let’s get acquainted over my favorite Podcasts, Webinars and On-Line Courses. I’m so happy you’re here and look forward to a beautiful journey together!


Hi beloveds!

I’m Amanda. Are you ready to live your most fulfilled life? Here’s the secret, beloved: When you accept and embrace who you are, miracles fill your day. Purpose, passion and power animate you. Limiting beliefs fall away and you awaken to the joy inside. Shall we begin?


Choose from classes on empowerment, self-care, relationships, sacred space, healing ritual and meditation, among others. There are loads of free gifts too, such as my weekly podcast and monthly new moon webinar.

As you lift yourself, you elevate life on the planet too.

Namaste, Newcomer!

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Hello Beloveds!

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