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Hi beloveds!

I’m Amanda. Are you ready to live your most fulfilled life? Here’s the secret, beloved: When you accept and embrace who you are, miracles fill your day. Purpose, passion and power animate you. Limiting beliefs fall away and you awaken to the joy inside. Shall we begin?


Amanda is featured in Vogue, Yoga Journal, Spirit & Destiny, Irish Examiner, Magpie, Positive Life, The Irish Sun, RTE, Fox News, East Coast Radio, Wellness Guru, San Diego Union-Tribune and Irish Country to name a few.

Irish Examiner – Fall 2016

Magpie – Fall 2016

Women’s Way – Winter 2018

The Irish Sun – Fall 2016

Yoga Journal – Winter 2017

Positive Life – Spring 2019

San Diego Voyager – Spring 2018

Atlantis Éire – Spring 2018

Positive Life – Spring 2018

Atlantis Éire – Fall 2017

Positive Life – Fall 2017

Positive Life – Summer 2017

Atlantis Éire – Summer 2017

Elixify Your Life – Spring 2017

Positive Life – Spring 2017

Wellness Central – Fall 2016

Positive Life – Spring 2016

Positive Life – Winter 2015

Positive Life – Summer 2015

Positive Life – Spring 2015

Day Spa – Winter 2014

Meet Mindful – Winter 2014

Positive Life – Fall 2014

Positive Life – Summer 2013

Positive Life – Spring 2013

Positive Life – Winter 2012

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