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Our Inner Circle of Feng Shui are part of an international community of like-minded souls, passionate about communicating the wisdom of Feng Shui and living consciously to the world.

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Maybe you’re dipping your feet into the Feng Shui pond or you’re ready for a rejuvenating dive into her sacred waters. The Inner Circle of Feng Shui explores the possibilities of sacred space and conscious living for beginners and professionals alike. I invite you to join our international community of members sharing these ancient teachings in the modern world. Our thriving tribe offers education, inspiration, guidance and friendship.

We help you apply Feng Shui to various aspects of life, support your professional Feng Shui endeavors and bring this science to life in a vital and experiential way.

By becoming a Member, you’ll access my extensive library of webinars, videos and tutorials on classical Feng Shui. Join for the latest live webinars and our private Facebook group. Connect with like-minded friends from Austin to Australia, Dublin to Dubai. I love popping on with words of support and answers to your questions. As a member of the Inner Circle of Feng Shui, you’ll receive Feng Shui resources and feedback I only share here.

Love, Amanda

‘I have grown in my personal life…’

Amanda shares her business advice and supports and nurtures us. I cannot express how much joy I receive in my life from the Inner Circle of Feng Shui. I have grown in my personal life. Amanda’s enlightening meditations and encouragement of self-love is profound. You will follow your own path and learn that each one of us is unique and shine our light in so many unique ways.
With love and gratitude

Sherry Brouzes

‘helped me become a better Feng Shui practitioner..’

The Circle of Feng Shui has helped me become a better Feng Shui practitioner through Amanda’s incredible webinars, courses, events, and online community chats. Amanda’s selfless and wholehearted personality continues to nurture my knowledge and bring smiles to my life everyday. I don’t have enough words to describe how blessed I am to have trained with Amanda and being connected to this MUST HAVE Circle of Feng Shui community.

Alexandra Bizer, Feng Shui Professional

Inner Circle of Feng Shui

  • 2 Live Monthly Webinars + Bonus Webinars
  • Unlimited Access to all Video Tutorials on Classical Feng Shui, Land, Space clearing and Flying Stars
  • Meditations, Pranayama and Healing Techniques
  • Full access to a 3 year library of Past Teachings Courses and Webinars from Fashion Feng Shui, Feng Shui for weddings and events
  • Live Interviews with Feng Shui Experts and Conscious Speakers
  • Private Forum for Inner Circle of Wisdom Members Only
  • A Free, Guided Meditation upon Signing up

‘It is a truly invaluable forum with a wealth of knowledge…’

The Amanda Collins “inner circle of feng shui” is hands down my favourite website. The classes are full of inspiration, wisdom, and amazing support for your Feng Shui journey, both business and personal. It is a truly invaluable forum with a wealth of knowledge, you gain so much from every visit!.

Sheena Gallagher

‘You are truly a wonderful teacher..’

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the magical journey of Feng Shui. Words can’t not describe how much I loved loved loved Inner Circle of Feng Shui. You are truly a wonderful teacher filled with so much wisdom, knowledge and life’s experience. The content is filled with so much love and joy that I go away from it glowing and just feeling anything is possible…

Sinead McDonagh

‘The overall support has been exceptional’

Signing up and that was the best decision I have made in my entire life. I have had such a great learning experience with Amanda’s guidance the materials are easy to follow. The overall support has been exceptional. I very much admire Amanda’s ability to create a team of scholars and practitioners that support each other without judgement. I can truly say that I did not only learn Feng Shui, but I grew as a person – for that, Amanda, I am most grateful.

Anja Eaddy

Benefits of Joining

  • Live webinars with Amanda and other Feng Shui masters on an interactive video platform.
  • An extensive library of Amanda’s tutorials on classical Feng Shui and Flying Stars.
  • Monthly meditations and affirmations to inspire you on your Feng Shui path.
  • Seasonal rituals and ceremonies to bring magic into your life.
  • Tips for your Feng Shui practice and tools to help your business thrive.
  • Community with Feng Shui friends and professionals around the globe.
  • Opportunity to ask Amanda your questions on live webinars and private Facebook group.



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she truly means magic and miracles as I have first hand experienced it…’

Every day, I am grateful to the Universe for bringing Amanda into my life. Her uplifting classes cover a wide range of topics from the basics of starting a business to discovering your purpose & passion. Amanda generously shares her knowledge while reflecting joy & mindful living. Most importantly, for me, is the deeper spiritual understanding that is reflected in Amanda’s work. When she speaks of magic and miracles, she truly means magic and miracles as I have first hand experienced it. I now have such a sense of unconditional love, such a transformation!.

Robbie Howell

‘I get more Amanda (which is the best part)!!!’

The Inner Circle offers me so much as I grow my Feng Shui practice… from inspiration to step-by-step guidance. Anytime I think of a question, I check the Inner Circle and the answer is always there in one form or another. The Inner Circle helps me to level up my expertise and my business as a whole. Plus, I get more Amanda (which is the best part)!!!

Jaime Rabin, DAOM, LAc, Chopra Center

‘the Inner Circle of Feng Shui has truly become a sacred place for me’

Feng Shui has transformed my life and the Inner Circle of Feng Shui has been a tangible part of that. It allows my journey to continue to expand through the abundant resources the site offers, as we have live classes by the amazing Amanda Collins and Amanda also connects us with many wonderful guest speakers who share their wisdom as well. My connection to and understanding of the earth and her wonderful intricacies have grown so much from what I have learned through my involvement. This is an amazing group of people that I look forward to connecting with, the Inner Circle of Feng Shui has truly become a sacred place for me.

Penny Collins

As you lift yourself, you elevate life on the planet too.

Namaste, Newcomer!

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