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Soulmate Manifesto “Love-shop”

This love-shop will support you in attracting deep love through the ancient spiritual practices of Feng Shui, Yoga, and Chanting. Whether you are calling in your soulmate or are already in relationship with your beloved and looking to deepen your connection, this love-shop is made for you.

Together we will create an environment to support your deepest love through heart-opening yoga asana, guided meditation, soulmate chanting, and love songs.

We begin with a heart-opening yoga flow followed by meditation on your deepest loving relationship. From this place of embodied awareness you will write a letter to your soulmate describing exactly how your relationship looks and feels. We will explore how to apply Feng Shui to create an environment that supports a loving relationship. Whether you are single and desire to be in relationship, or you aim to enliven a committed partnership that feels stagnant, there may be blocks in your home that are hampering a loving connection, so we will explore Feng Shui secrets to attracting and maintaining the love of your life. Throughout our time together we will weave sound into our work with soulmate chants, supportive instrumentals, and heart-opening singing bowls. We will sing ancient love songs from different parts of the world, ranging from Sanskrit chants to traditional Celtic love songs.

This love-shop will bestow you with powerful tools to take with you, including a booklet with a 10-minute daily heart-opening yoga practice, your own personal love affirmations, the soulmate chant, Feng Shui guidelines, and heart-opening meditations. Completing this class and implementing the recommendations will prepare your body, mind, and soul, as well as your home, to support you in meeting your soulmate and enhancing your connection with your beloved.




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