Goddess Retreats

Calling All Goddesses

We gather together to create space for women to celebrate and honor the divine feminine within themselves and within each other. The Goddess represents the feminine aspect of the infinite all-encompassing Divine Source. A Goddess understands that she holds the power to change her life in body, mind, spirit, and environment. Every woman is a Goddess. We gather together to remember, discover, awaken, and heal—to dive deep into our purpose and passion, our Divine Truth.

Our Goddess Retreats are times of personal growth, connecting with Goddess Sisters, and honoring our body temples. We build community and support our health and wellbeing through practices in yoga, Feng Shui, meditation, nutrition, fitness, play, song, dance, and breath. We connect with our inner wild woman and our multiple feminine aspects: child, maiden, and crone. This retreat allows us to step outside of our busy lives, to slow down and take time to recognize how we feel, to honor our emotions and our goals and desires, to cultivate the divine feminine within.

Take part in our Goddess Retreat to:

  • Empower yourself through song, dance, cooking, and play;
  • Explore how to live in better harmony with Mother Earth;
  • Make your own natural beauty remedies;
  • Bring focus to your health, fitness, and healing;
  • Realign with self-love, living your purpose, and being of service;
  • Make new friends and share within inspirational community;
  • And unleash you inner abundance and nourish your soul.
    In love and light I honor the Goddess within you!


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